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The journals are value-packed with intentional content for your children to enjoy. If you want even more resources, each journal corresponds to a WeeWonna Talk podcast episode and blog post you can read.

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The Inner Treasure Hunt Journal

Designed for all kids, to help them reflect on the good moments and not-so-good moments.  

These journal sheets are a tool, a dedicated place for kids to write (or draw!) their memories. It will help to make the exercise of reflection more real and impactful and give them something to go back to.

Self-reflection is an essential skill for children as they grow, evolve, thrive, and learn from their mistakes.

Like adults, writing or journaling or drawing is a huge support to the reflection process, which is why we created this free download.

Download the journal for your child to write, journal, or draw their memories.

New Beginnings Journal for Kids

A fun guide to help kids set intentions (during any new beginning) and learn to appreciate their mistakes, rather than feel ashamed or upset when they mess up. 

Learning from mistakes and errors is an essential part of childhood development. We want children to understand there is a positive side to getting things wrong.

Every expert will tell you that learning is enriched through error. And in fact, research backs this up.

A professor at Stanford—Carol Dweck—studies this. She followed hundreds of 5th grade students in NYC. One group was praised for their intelligence and the other for their effort. When all the students were challenged with an incredibly difficult 8th grade test, the students praised for effort worked very hard, even though they made a lot of errors. The students praised for intelligence became discouraged and saw their mistakes as a sign of failure. 

Download the new beginnings journal for your kids!

The Scaries Song & New Start Journal  for Kids

We are incredibly excited about this special offering. Because we have two amazing tools for you this week. And one is a special song!!

It’s normal for children to feel scared, anxious, or nervous around new beginnings. Even as adults, we often struggle emotionally at the start of a new project or activity.

We want kids to know that:

  1. Feeling scared is normal,
  2. they are not alone, everyone feels scared sometimes during new beginnings and,
  3. there are things that they can do to help themselves feel better. 

Download our special song for your kiddos to sing when they are feeling scared AND the new start feelings journal to help your kids to reflect!

“I am me” Mantra Journal for Kids

This week we have a really special and fun activity to help children discover the goodness they already hold within and identify five of their positive inner qualities. 

It can be very difficult for children to identify and name the good parts of their character and personality. Some of the reasons for this are : 

  1. They don’t have the language or terms yet
  2. They don’t have many activities that help them appreciate who they already are.
  3. They live in a world that is always pushing them to be better rather than helping them look inside and feel enough.

We wanted to create a fun activity that would help to address these points and inspire a sense of self-discovery and, most importantly, self-love. 

Inner Beauty Journal for Kids

Our children are bombarded, from a young age, with images and stories about what makes someone beautiful. Usually, these mainstream narratives have little to do with who the person is inside, and instead present some ideal physical appearance or combination of traits. 

Millions of teenagers suffer from negative thoughts around their body image. And the seeds are planted long before they sprout as mental health issues in adolescence. 

When we start something new, many children worry about how they will be judged or perceived by others. Usually wanting “to fit in” and not embracing what makes them unique and different. 

These journal pages are here to help children : 

  1. Discover that real beauty that nothing to do with the way we look
  2. Feel confident and beautiful as they take on new activities or projects
  3. Understand that diversity is beautiful, and finding what makes us unique is key to uncovering our true beauty 

Rain Meditation & Journal for Kids

Teaching kids to meditate can feel intimidating. But why? Sure, children have a lot of energy and are still developing their capacity for attentiveness and focus.

But, they are also naturally curious. And are usually very open to exploring what meditation is and how it can make them feel. 

In our blog this week, we outlined some of our favorite strategies to make introducing meditation to children a wee bit easier. These journal sheets are a further support. 

In addition, we are excited to offer you our rain meditation from the podcast as a special download so you can access it easily, save it on your favorite device and use it on its own.

Our special offering this week includes :

  • An .mp3 audio download of our rain meditation!
  • Accompanying Rain Meditation Journal sheets

Circle Back Journal for Kids

Before rushing on to whatever is next, it’s important to help children to pause, reflect, and think about their experience and what they learned from what has happened already. 

The last episode in season 1 of our WeeWonna Talk podcast focuses on circling back . . .thinking of the entire season, what we loved, what we learned, and what we can take away and integrate into our way of being. 

When one thing ends, we normally rush right on to thinking of what is next. But in that process, we lose the opportunity to reflect and integrate our previous experiences and lessons. 

We want children to know that before they rush forward, it’s a good and rewarding practice to circle back . . .to review and revisit all the jewels that can be taken with us as we go forward on our journey.