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We know it can be challenging (and time-consuming) to find resources that encourage heart happy kids.

In the WeeWoo world, you can rest assured that you will discover content for your children that is both fun and uplifting, that is creative, and carries messages of kindness and connection.

about WeeWoo | Encouraging Heart Happy Kids

We’re a content and media channel who believes in equipping, educating, and empowering families and professionals as they raise heart happy kids.

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the weewoo crew


Deborah Quibell - WeeWoo Founder

Dr. Deborah Quibell

Founder &
Director of Dreams


Raina Koterba - WeeWoo Co-Founder

Raina Koterba, OTR/L

Co-Founder &
Chief Possibility Officer


Valentina De Laurentis - WeeWoo Co-Founder

Valentina De Laurentis

Co-Founder &
Manager of Smiles & Sparkles

Lindsey Barbara

Brand Strategist

Adam Hoffman

Musical Director

Penelope Dullaghan


Maria Cadena

Yoga & Movement Instructor

Mariana Lopez


Sandra Alvarez

Consulting Director

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the weewoo Why



and inclusive with one another for the collective impact of our shared humanity and planet.

As we inspire change and teach children early techniques of emotional awareness, self-confidence, kindness, and courage…

they grow into kind, confident, aware, and courageous adults.

They are not afraid to challenge societal “norms” and be conscious of who they are and what gifts they have, rather than who society tells them they should be.

They are able to think outside of the box and design a life that is aligned to their unique purpose and considers the good of all.

 As a brand, WeeWoo is an eternal optimist, believing that children have incredible beauty and potential, already inside of them.

We are relentlessly dedicated to helping kids discover this truth, motivating them to find and trust in their power to create a more beautiful world.

WeeWoo’s Core Values

Sustainability //

we’re a for-benefit company that gives back portions of our profits to help our earth and help kids. We believe in not bringing harm to our environment and support sustainable efforts in all areas of our company.

Collaboration over Competition //

we do it differently’ and carry a mindset of abundance [collaboration] to create a better future and planet, together; over a scarcity mindset [competition] of not enough, alone. This is our foundation that builds trust and the impact we collectively make on our planet.

Centered & Universal //

the common thread within us all…everything we do strives not to alienate anyone, as we identify the universal teachings across different world views, cultures, beliefs, philosophies, and traditions.

3 Sparks, One Fire – WeeWoo’s Origin Story

Three women living separate lives in different parts of the world shared an internal dream . . . without knowing it . . .

Completing her doctoral degree in Depth Psychology, Deborah owned a yoga and meditation studio in Atlanta with her husband.

They began an initiative with a local organization that ran an after school program to help children, from low-income families, stay out of high-risk behavior. The children came twice a week and Deborah was deeply moved by how much these practices helped them to “cope” and feel better. A dream sparked here.

As an educator and nanny, Valentina had been working with children for many years.

In one way or another, children had always been a part of her journey. In her young adult life, she had studied healing and meditation and dedicated herself to spiritual study. She searched for ways to bring deeper conversations into the lives of children using creativity and imagination. Another dream sparked here.

Raina, a pediatric occupational therapist, was building a very successful sensory clinic in New Jersey to help children from a variety of backgrounds.

She began to create a program bridging her expertise in neuro-sensory processing with her knowledge of energetic wellness. She wanted kids and families to have access to a wide-array of techniques that address a child as a full being—a physical, energetic, emotional, mental, and spiritual being. Yet another dream was sparked here.

The fire of WeeWoo ignited after the three of us (re)connected at a retreat in Canada.

After a series of wacky and wonderful circumstances, we understood we shared not only a vision but a passion and heartfelt dedication.

We imagined a world where all kids had access to techniques and ideas (based and validated in research and our experience) that lead them to discover more about who they are and what they are capable of.

Tools that help them weather the inevitable challenges of growing up in today’s world, while navigating a way to build something better . . . for their kids . . . and so the story continues . . .

We Want Kids to Know that Companies Can Change the World

WeeWoo exists for all children.

Our primary content is free and every purchase you make with us enables us to support under-resourced communities throughout the world.

We are not WeeWoo without you.

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