The Inner Treasure Hunt Journal

Designed for all kids, to help them reflect on the good moments and not-so-good moments.  

These journal sheets are a tool, a dedicated place for kids to write (or draw!) their memories. It will help to make the exercise of reflection more real and impactful and give them something to go back to.

Self-reflection is an essential skill for children as they grow, evolve, thrive, and learn from their mistakes.

Like adults, writing or journaling or drawing is a huge support to the reflection process, which is why we created this free download.

Download the journal for your child to write, journal, or draw their memories.

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Inside this Journal Your Kids Get . . .

dedicated space to pause & reflect

In this journal activity, we call our good memories “joy jewels” and our not-so-good memories “learning lapis” stones. With these sheets, kids have a dedicated space to pause and reflect.

fun and imaginative language

We are giving them new terminology—fun and imaginative language—to talk, write about, and explore their triumphs and struggles.

a journal & reflection space to use anytime

While we geared this download for the New Year, this simple journal can be used at any time. We love to use it when winding down at night, to help our kids look back and reflect on their joy jewels and learning lapis stones from the day.

Download the journal

Let’s Keep it Simple

Fill out the quick form below, download The Inner Treasure Hunt, print it out, and give to your kiddo(s). It’s that easy.

Happy to share this simple and effective tool to help get kids reflecting!

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We respect your privacy and will never share your name or contact info with anyone else.

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