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with WeeWoo Founder, DR. DEBORAH QUIBELL


Each season of this podcast centers around a specific theme and provides kids and caregivers multiple ways to talk about important topics. Think stories, songs, reflections, and fun conversations. All designed to spark important and meaningful dialogue.

Season 2 : Loving-Kindness & Non-Injury

Families and kids, are you ready to have fun conversations while discovering more about yourself (and your super powers)?

To our kids : Sometimes, it’s not so easy to talk about things or understand big topics, we know. That’s why we’re here, to explore. And don’t worry, we will always have plenty of fun and surprises.

To our parents/caregivers : We know how valuable (and daunting) opening up conversation with your kiddos can be. Especially around the “bigger” topics in life. If you’re looking for some support,

you’re in the right place

let’s get ready to talk!

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Imagine a podcast . . .

just for kids. There’s so much grown-up stuff out there, but kids wonna talk too, and we believe in encouraging open dialogue and creative learning from a young age!

Ep 12 | A Song All About Kindness : Let’s sing together

HIGHLIGHTS: Kids are taught about kindness through music, learning a memorable and original song Each verse focuses on a specific practice of loving-kindness. The song helps children to feel uplifted and inspired to practice kindness in what they think, say, and do.  ...

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Ep 10 | Our Thoughts are Powerful

HIGHLIGHTS:  Season 2 focuses on cultivating love and kindness in children  Children begin to realize how their thoughts affect their mood and sense of well-being  Kids are given an easy-to-apply technique to combat and transform negative thoughts   We offer a special...

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Ep 9 | Special Edition Candlelight Meditation for Kids

EPISODE DESCRIPTION: This is a special edition podcast episode. We wanted to offer you something during this, maybe you're hearing on TV, from teachers, or friends, about the ware in Ukraine. War is a terrible thing but it's important to remember that there are things...

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Ep 8 | Special Edition Candlelight Meditation for Adults

EPISODE DESCRIPTION: This is a special edition podcast. All of our episodes are really for your children. But we wanted to offer something to you as parents and caregivers during this difficult time. We know it’s not easy to parent in today's world. We are enduring...

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This podcast is an amazing and interactive space for both parents and kids! It provides short and light-hearted lessons for kids on a whole variety of important topics. Deborah is a kind and patient host, while Amaya and Beezly keep things light and fun, even as tough or sophisticated concepts are covered.

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about your hosts & stars

I’m Dr. Deborah Quibell, Founder of WeeWoo, with podcast stars, Amaya & Beezly

As a doctor of depth psychology and a mom, Deborah is dedicated to creating a safe and open place for kids to listen, talk and explore more about themselves, their emotions, and the “big stuff” in life that maybe isn’t so easy to understand.

Amaya is a free-spirited, creative, and courageous 9-year-old girl. She loves spending time with her friends, taking acting classes, painting, and practicing dance moves in front of any mirror she can find. She has a strong personality and is always ready to lend a helping hand to those around her.

Beezly is our curious, poetry-loving bee who isn’t afraid to ask questions and share how he feels.

podcast stars : 9 year-old Amaya and
Beezly (our friendly and curious bee friend)

I’m Stella, the voice of Beezly

My name is Stella Blu McFall. I’m seventeen and I live in Amsterdam.

I really enjoy my social life and being with friends, but I also value time with myself and learning to be comfortable with that. 

I’m a creative and love to dance, sing, and explore other artistic expressions (like being the voice of Beezly!) My favorite classes in school : art classes and history.

If one has courage, nothing can dim the light that shines from within.

Maya Angelou



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WeeMeditate : Green Waterfall Meditation for Kids

WeeMeditate : Green Waterfall Meditation || Guided Meditation for Kids || Relaxation for Kids Join us for a special guided meditation for kids that releases stress and tension, and helps children to feel more calm and connected. It’s a guided meditation that...

Ep 15 | Loving-Kindness Meditation: Let’s practice together

HIGHLIGHTS: This episode helps children to :  Learn meditation in a way that is simple and effective Feel more at peace and understand they have the capacity to share that peace with others Feel like they have something important to contribute to the world and other...

WeeMeditate: Loving-Kindness Meditation for Kids

Join us for a special loving-kindness meditation for kids that encourages peace and love. Our loving-kindness meditation for kids helps children connect to their heart and become a channel for peace, love and kindness . . . and to share these qualities with the Earth...