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Episode 05

WeeWonna Talk Podcast

Ep 5 | Inner Beauty – Let’s explore what makes us shine

Episode Length: 12:32


Today we have a special story, all about beauty. Sometimes when we start something new or we meet new people, we worry a little bit about what other people will think of us. So in this story, we take a journey through the forest of inner beauty, where we learn what real beauty is, and hint . . . it has nothing to do with the way that you look.

The forest of beauty reminds us of many things: that beauty comes from inside, from our heart; noticing what makes someone different and unique is noticing their beauty; when someone has a lovely smile and brightness in their eyes, that is their inner beauty coming out, and we don’t always have to smile to be beautiful…it’s important to remember that too.

We help kids learn in this episode, that we can be beautiful even if we are sad or upset as long as we are kind to ourselves and stay connected to our heart . . . that is what matters.


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