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Emotional Awareness

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WeeFeel: Fear || Emotional Awareness & Self-Regulation Techniques for Kids

Video Length: 9:08

This video helps kids to develop coping skills, emotional awareness around fear and anxiety, and understand how to manage big emotions. The practices include breathing techniques for children, creative visualization for anxiety, and mindfulness based music to help create a sense of calm and safety.

Join Deborah on an emotional journey and learn three special techniques (body magic, mind magic, and heart magic) to help children cope with fear.

This process will help children :
+ Normalize fear—helping them understand it’s something that we all experience and not to push it away.

+ Accept and relate to the fear they may be experiencing through an imaginative exercise.

+ Understand there are simple and effective techniques they can do to help themselves feel more safe and calm.

These techniques help kids feel empowered to manage fear in mindful and healthy ways, developing emotional awareness and intelligence from an early age.

Time Stamps:
00:09 – Intro
00:24 – Reflection & sharing – what makes us scared?
01:17 – Imaginative exercise – what does fear look like to you?
02:36 – Tensing/releasing (body magic technique 1)
03:26 – Shape breathing (body magic technique 2)
04:34 – Bubble of protection (mind magic technique)
06:16 – “Fear is a cloud” song (heart magic technique)
08:23 – Review and closing

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