Episode 03

WeeWonna Talk Podcast

Ep 3 | A New Start Song – Let’s sing a special song for new beginnings

Episode Length: 9:46


We have a special guest with us for this episode, WeeWoo’s very own musician. In this episode, we talk about different strategies to help ease the feeling of being scared or nervous before starting something new. It’s normal for children to feel scared, anxious, or nervous around new beginnings. Even as adults, we often struggle emotionally at the start of a new project or activity.

We want kids to know that (1) feeling scared is normal (2) they are not alone, everyone feels scared sometimes during new beginnings, and (3) there are things that they can do to help themselves feel better. We want to make this easier for them (for us all), so we wrote a special song to sing when feeling scared. The melody and lyrics of this song are comforting and reassuring, and serve as a tool to assist children in self-regulation.


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